GUARANTEED SATISFACTION DynaMop®Extra Dual Function Spin Mop
GUARANTEED SATISFACTION DynaMop®Extra Dual Function Spin Mop
Reg. Price $99.96
SALE $69.96 2 for $129.95
DynaMop® ECO-Plunger Hand-Press (No Pedal) 360° Spin Mop
DynaMop® ECO-Plunger Hand-Press (No Pedal) 360° Spin Mop
Reg. Price $85.50
SALE $59.95 2 for $109.95

Multiple Applications

  • * Ideal for all types of flooring: hardwood, tiles, laminated, stone, vinyl, etc. high performance, sturdy and durable
  • * No more wringing! DynaMop® spin mop greatly cut down work and save time!
  • * Easy, efficient and time saving mopping
  • * Use in kitchen, bath, rooms, RVs, boats, car wash, etc.
  • * Centrifugal force spin dry clocked over 2600 rpm, spins faster than a hurricane.
  • * Uniquely made FLUFFY type microfiber mopheads, use with bleach, cleaner, ammonia, liquid polish, etc. Also machine washable.
  • * Use as duster, dry mop, or wet.
  • * Extra long & sturdy mop handle
  • * The commercial grade household product made to last.


  • There are mops, there are spin mops and there's the best spin mop: Dyna*Spin*Mop! - We dedicate in continued improvement of spin mop performance and made DynaMop® with lifetime spinning mechanism (Spring not included) that delivers more than doubled spin speed, absolutely and by far the best spin mop cleaning system on earth:
  • * Forget the sappy or soppy: DynaMop®'s spin mop innovative Dyna-Spin™ mechanism eliminates soppy mops. The hassles of wringing are non-existent with an all-in-one step bucket that activates centrifugal spin in the embedded basket.
  • * Make the difficult effortless: DynaMop®'s disk-shaped head, ergonomic handle, adjustable arm, and swivel base make it comfortable to handle and easy to clean difficult-to-reach areas. It really is quite a versatile cleaning buddy.
  • * Be Exclusive: DynaMop®'s durable construction is one-of-a-kind and will outlast your traditional mops as well as ANY spin mops on the market. Its cleaning discs are machine washable and easily replaceable, making the system a real keeper. Time to retire all the others, for good.
  • * No need to travel far and wide for love: This cleaning sensation is now making its home right here. Thanks to the DynaMop� spin mop, you may be reunited with your love for cleaning!