New "SPIKY": World's ONLY Hair-Pickup Microfiber Mophead
New "SPIKY": World's ONLY Hair-Pickup Microfiber Mophead
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    Get Free "SPIKY" mophead ($15 Value) with purchase of any DynaMop® Bucket Set
    April 1st~30th 2017 DynaMop®'s 8th Anniversary Celebration, First & Finest spin mop!

  • Why choose DynaMop® over all other brands??

  • DynaMop® is BUILT TO LAST so you don't have to keep buying another.

    Greatest CP Ratio: Most durable mop & ever-lasting spinner.

    Highest Efficiency: Best utilization of Leverage, 3 times spin speed (3000rpm compared to under 1000rpm).

    Effortless wringing: Time & energy saved for better things.

    Never cut corners, Gold Medalist innovative designs by original inventor: Environmental friendly, made with care, passion & pride.

    Best built highest quality standard: World's only spin mop to use no ball bearings (SGS lab tested to last 250,000 times compared to 20,000) & guaranteed never to rust.

    Easiest to use & last for years: Best $$ more initial investment, don't get cheaply made ones.

    • The video clip above is relevant to our "Stepper" model foot pedal type spin mop. The "Plunger" model hand pressing style spinning mechanism is built into the handle and is different from this video. Yet, it's a Gold Medalist at [2013 Paris Int'l Invention Show] high performance patented design.
    • Always True Value: No gimmicks, simply best utilization of leverage for best performance, fastest spin and best cleaning results. Plus extra mop-head for additional value.
    • NEWEST Innovative DynaMop®"SPIKY" microfiber mophead is the
      World's ONLY microfiber spin mophead to EFFECTIVELY pick up Hair & Grime!

    • Meanwhile, it cleans better and make mopping even easier!

    • U.S. patent pending 14/847,641 (Filed Sept. 8, 2015)
    • See SPIKY | click here
    • KNOW MORE ABOUT DynaMop®

      Multiple Applications

      • * Ideal for all types of flooring: hardwood, tiles, laminated, stone, vinyl, etc. high performance, sturdy and durable
      • * No more wringing! DynaMop® spin mop greatly cut down work and save time!
      • * Easy, efficient and time saving mopping
      • * Use in kitchen, bath, rooms, RVs, boats, car wash, etc.
      • * Centrifugal force spin dry clocked over 2500 rpm (foot pedaling) & 3500 rpm (hand pressing), fastest spin mop on the market.
      • * Uniquely made FLUFFY type microfiber mopheads, use with bleach, cleaner, ammonia, liquid polish, etc. Also machine washable.
      • * 2016 newest DynaMop® [SPIKY] mop-head, marks the ONLY mop-head to pick up human and animal hair effectively.
      • * Use as duster, dry mop, or wet.
      • * Extra long & sturdy mop handle
      • * The commercial grade household product made to last.


      • In May 2009 DynaMop® made its debut in USA with formally registered trademark and introduced its first generation high quality spin mop. Three years later by year 2012, dozens of makers primarily from China followed to enter into the U.S. market with many cheaply made lower quality and often lower priced look-alike.
        DynaMop®'s relentless R&D efforts left all second brands far behind. Ideal spinning mechanism designs brought about highest spin speed and best performance. We aim to provide best value to our customers and make every penny of the initial investment count. Every DynaMop® product has been 100% well made in Taiwan by the inventor/developer at the ISO 9001 factory base to ensure highest performance and greatest durability.
      • Among the company's breakthrough technologies are the adoption of clutch design in the hand pressing spin mechanism, the advanced expansion claw driven planetary gear system for the foot pedal spinner and the newly developed "Spiky" microfiber mophead that picks up hair effectively, all of which are internationally patented DynaMop® inventions.
      • To this date in 2016 while all 300 some makers are still dependent upon ball bearings to drive a spinner basket in the spin mop, DynaMop® has long been advanced (since 2012) to its own exclusive award winning non-abrasive lifetime ever-lasting "Expansion Claws/Flippers" device along with planetary gear construction. The innovative device is lab tested to outlast ball bearings more than 10 folds (250,000 vs. 20,000 pedaling steps).
      • Gold Medal was awarded to our hand pressing spinning mechanism with clutch design by the 2013 Paris International Invention Show & Contest [Concours de Lepine]
      • DynaMop® foot pedal model also comes with award winning lifetime spinning mechanism that delivers more than 2500+rpm spin speed, absolutely and by far the best spin mop system on earth!

      • Some remarks on DynaMop®
      • * Forget the sappy or soppy: DynaMop®'s spin mop innovative Dyna-Spin™ mechanism eliminates soppy mops. The hassles of wringing are non-existent with an all-in-one step bucket that activates centrifugal spin in the embedded basket.
      • * Make the difficult effortless: DynaMop®'s disk-shaped head, ergonomic handle, adjustable arm, and swivel base make it comfortable to handle and easy to clean difficult-to-reach areas. It really is quite a versatile cleaning buddy.
      • * Be Exclusive: DynaMop®'s durable construction is one-of-a-kind and will outlast your traditional mops as well as ANY spin mops on the market. Its cleaning discs are machine washable and easily replaceable, making the system a real keeper. Time to retire all the others, for good.
      • * No need to travel far and wide for love: This cleaning sensation is now making its home right here. Thanks to the DynaMop® spin mop, you may be reunited with your love for cleaning!