DynaMop容co-Stepper Model foot pedal round bucket </br><font color="red" size=4>Inventory SALE</font> [3 mopheads value pack]

DynaMop容co-Stepper Model foot pedal round bucket
Inventory SALE [3 mopheads value pack]

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Product Description

Buy spin mop cleaning system, the DynaMop® Eco Stepper is the finest foot pedal powered spin mop, no other spin mops on the market come anywhere near this one, guaranteed!

The new DynaMop® spin mop is the first and only spin mop in the world to use NO ball bearings for the spinning mechanism. Our spinner is the [Silver Medalist, Concours Lepine, Paris] International Invention Show. The advanced technology spinner, in lab tests, lasted 250,000 pedal pushes and with no damage (the ball bearings used by other spin mops would start to lose effectiveness at 20,000 pedal pushes), During the test, the spring failed and needed to be replaced at 80,000 and 170,000 pedal pushes while the spinner continued to work like new!

The Eco Stepper spin mop has an unprecedented LIFETIME warranty on the DynaSpin spinning mechanism. The heart of the spin mop is warranted to last for as long as the plastic bucket holds up! The DynaSpin will continue to work until the bucket "kicks the bucket"! There should be no doubts about where to buy a spin mop, DynaMop® is by far the best performance and most durable spin mop cleaning system.

DynaMop® Ultimage ECO Stepper Spin Mop Features

  • Environmentally friendly green product
  • High Performance 2500+ rpm centrifugal spin dry force, faster spinning than a hurricane.
  • All metal parts within the bucket are stainless steel.
  • Longest lasting non-abrasive driver, never rusting & non-stripping gears
  • Spinner warranted to the life of the mop bucket
  • DynaMop®'s patented Fluffy microfiber mop-head is absorbent and 2-3 times longer lasting than traditional microfiber mop heads (Machine washable at low cycle and low temperature; use no dryer)
  • 2012 Silver Medalist at Paris International Invention Show "Concours Lepine"

What's Included

  • Spinner Bucket
  • Sturdy 57" Mop Handle with 15 position pivot mop head holder to reach all angles
  • (2) Patented fluffy type microfiber mop heads, discounted extra mopheads available with purchase