<font color="red"><b>MOP-HEAD for First Generation DynaMop® ONLY (Beware, carefully read product descriptions below)</font></b>

MOP-HEAD for First Generation DynaMop® ONLY (Beware, carefully read product descriptions below)

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Product Description

Closed Out Clearance on the DynaMop® First Generation Mop-head (while quantity last).
This traditional micro-fiber mop-head rim is 16cm or 6+5/16" in diameter made to fit DynaMop® First Generation Spin Mop.
The mop strands will spread out to 14.5 inches in diameter.
It will NOT fit the other more recent DynaMop® model due to an upgraded design of "dual track" mophead holder in the more updated models.

It is made to fit only with the First Generation (see picture of First Generation DynaMop on the left) DynaMop.
However, some other spin mop makers followed the DynaMop mop-head sizes and therefore it may work with various brands.

The CLOSE-OUT/CLEARANCE of this mop-head is *NOT returnable and *NOT refundable.

"Buy at your own risk", DynaMop can not guarantee that the mophead will work with any other spin mop brands, DynaMop cannot be held responsible for any misfits.

* Return/refund may be arranged for DynaMop brand spin mop customers when customer pays for two-way transportation cost (Refunding balance after deducting $15.00 outbound shipping/handling after customer paid for own shipping to return the product). We regret having to adhere to the Close-out clearance item's no-return policy.