Internationally registered trademark:
United States Patent and Trademark Office Registration No. 3,800,825 (June 8, 2010, First use in commerce May 12, 2009), For mops with centrifugal spin dry device in class 21.

Multiple U.S. and International Patents:

DynaMop Company of America works in conjunction with DynaMop, Inc. of Taiwan, both companies are dedicated to the development of this revolutionary household cleaning product that has employed two principles in physics: Leverage and Centrifugal Force. The DynaMop® engineering team applied that leverage in both the hand pressing and foot pedaling spinning mechanisms to give the DynaMop® its high efficiency and great mopping performance.

The authentic DynaMop® products by the original developer/inventor are expressly made with great Care, Pride, and Honor by DynaMop, Inc. exclusive OEM production base in Taiwan with 100% in-house production and no sub-contracting to ensure highest quality standards.
We take pride and make great efforts to upkeep the far ahead #1 position in spin mop efficiency and durability!

The newest 2016 development is the [SPIKY] head, specially weaving technology combined the original DynaMop®Fluffy premium mophead with a second fiber of nylon material. The spikes blended into microfiber makes [SPIKY] the ONLY microfiber mophead in the world to be effective in picking up human and animal hair.

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