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NEWEST Innovative DynaMop® "SPIKY" microfiber mophead not only cleans better, it is slothe
World's ONLY microfiber
U.S. Patent #9730569

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First & best, trustworthy spin mop brand since 2009, simply FAR BETTER than ANY 2nd brands.
Verified authenticity by our DynaMop® registered trademark

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DynaMop®'s GREEN policy is to produce only the highest performance, most durable and best quality spin mop. The longevity of the DynaMop® product directly and indirectly cuts down on waste and reduces carbon footprint. As a citizen of the Global Village we join hands with you to GO GREEN and earnestly to protect our environment.

  • Ever since the inception of the 360° spin mop, DynaMop ® has been persistent in building the very best quality & highest performance 3000rpm spin mops (compared to 1000rpm or below).
  • DynaMop ® specializes in the development and manufacturing of the top-rated, sturdiest, and most durable spin mop on the market.
  • Patented, world's ONLY ever-lasting spinning mechanism, use no ball bearing, non-abrasive, 10x times longer life!
  • We have a track record in pleasing the value-oriented consumers who would rather make a slightly higher initial investment for far greater returns and greatest value.
  • DynaMop® is committed to remaining the R&D leader in this industry and to meeting customer expectations to the fullest.
  • DynaMop® is the original developer, inventor, and spin mop specialist. We remain the industry's R&D leader.
  • Topping the 2012 Silver Medal given to our foot-pedaling spinning mechanism, DynaMop® won the highest honor GOLD MEDAL at the 2013 Paris International Invention Show [Concours Lepine] for the newest Clutch Construction Hand Pressing Spinning Device.
  • This is where you can find the highest quality, most advanced, and reliable spin mop in the world!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Congratulations on your purchase of DynaMop® the all-new concept of mopping. You have just made a wise buying decision that from now on you would be pleased with the decision made each time you have a mopping job to do. It's guaranteed to cut your work to half, saving much time and effort. Mopping can actually be pleasurable with DynaMop!

We are sure you will quickly agree that this is the best mop on the market. Once you have the DynaMop®experience you will never want anything else.

We highly recommend that as soon as your package arrives to spend 5 minutes reading the instruction sheet and give it a try. See how the DynaMop®'s spin dry system takes away the struggles of wringing. You'll be surprised how easy and effortless it is to do the cleaning job. Spin dry to any degree of dampness, depending on your own needs. DynaMop® can out-perform your expectations!

If for any reason you don't agree that it is the best mop anywhere or if you are not totally satisfied, we will be happy to refund your money immediately.

Our Refund Policy

Exception Notice:

* Shipping cost is non-refundable. Subject to deduction of actual UPS shipping cost.

In the event of orders with extra mop heads, the extra mop-head(s) enclosed within the DynaMop set package shipped to you are merchandise being sold independently, in return we ask that you send all mop heads back to us. It is understood that one of them would have been used and soiled and that is okay. On the other hand, should there be a shortage of mop heads returned, we are compelled to impose a charge of $15 for each missing mop-head. Please be understanding that we must strictly hold to this policy since we offer an extended 60-day long trial period.

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