Planetary Gear System

DynaSpin™ patented planetary gear system: Longest lasting, never rust and guaranteed never stripping gears

Extra Long Mop Handle

Sturdy and extra long aluminum handle for easy mopping.

Extra Wide Foot Panel

Extra-wide ergonomically designed foot pedal: operates with ease and comfort.

Splash Proof Device

Patented splash-proof water retainer

Pivoting Mop Head

Convenient 15 position spring locking pivots to keep swirl disc at different angles.

Mop Head Holder

Dual track mophead holder keeps mop head securely in position and makes changing mop heads a breeze.

Floppy Microfiber Mop Head

Unique fluffy type microfiber mop head can be used as a dry or wet mop. Super absorbent and good in picking up hair, dust, and grime. Easy to rinse out and machine-washable too.

Streamlined Bucket

Hide-away handle and streamlined bucket shape with elegant matching colors.


DynaMop® Extra

Dual Function Spinning

A combination of the high performance DynaMop® EZ hand pressing spin mop and DynaMop® Ultimate submersible spinner bucket

"DynaMop® EZ

Advance Hand-Pressing Spin Mop

High efficency DynaPress™ spiral hand pressing spinning system best utilizes leverage. Easy & light hand pressing yields over 3000 rpm centrifugal force.

"DynaMop® Ultimate

No Rusting Parts!

Foot pedaling model with DynaSpin™ patented non-stripping planetary gears construction and non-rusting parts. The spinning mechanism is warranted to last the lifetime of the bucket.

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