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Looking Back at our First Generation Product | How to Use a DynaMop®| See How Far we've ADVANCED

    Our new versions DynaMop® features the following:
  • Never to rust, ever-lasting pedal spinning mechanism, Lifetime warranted (except for the spring)
  • Splash proof device added to the spin basket, no splashing or mists flying.
  • Long and sturdy handle, 40% thicker compared to previous ones.
  • Far better mophead holder disc, sturdy and 15-position pivots.
  • New Fluffy type and [SPIKY] mopheads, larger & fuller for better, easier job.
  • Well improved bucket with full size ergonomically designed comfort pedal.
  • New designs, foot pedal/hand pressing/dual function models available to choose from.
  • 3000rpm highest performance and greatest durability, #1 in the industry!
  • Be sure to recognize us by our registered trademark DynaMop®
  • It's not a DynaMop® without the "®"; Beware of knock-off's!