Words From Our Founder / CEO

When I said "DynaMop® is the best spin mop on earth" I truly meant it and will not settle for second best.

The first encounter with the spin mop concept took place on an autumn day in 2008, already in my retirement age, when I met up with Master Lin the renowned inventor whom I had known well during the years of my footwear career[*]. I realized immediately the opportunity that lay before me was the chance at fulfilling a lifetime aspiration to leave a small dent in the world. Pulling our thoughts together and putting on the drawing boards, DynaMop® had its inception 3 months later. DynaMop® made its debut in the U.S. marketplace on May 12, 2009.

It is my belief that this revolutionary household utensil will permanently change our lives, and the centrifugal spin mop will prevail until another new tool is invented. DynaMop® gives mopping a new meaning, bringing convenience and efficiency, saving time and effort, and making the nagging chore of mopping a pleasurable exercise. With this in mind I am determined, until the day I shall pass, to make DynaMop® a high quality, solidly made durable and high performance product for our society and consumers at large.

In the short 5 years since the development of DynaMop®, there's been over 300 manufacturers, primarily in China, to have produced centrifugal spin mops. Unfortunately, too many makers have chosen to focus on price competition at the expense of cheapened products. Less than desirable quality fills the marketplace giving the fine product an undeserving bad name and often confusing consumers. DynaMop® remains committed to not only uphold it's quality but also making earnest efforts in the spin mop R&D. I am proud to say that we have evolved to be the technology leader in our industry and that I have had the honor to personally lead our team to receive the Gold Medal at the 2013 [Concours Lepine] Paris International Invention Show & Contest.

I believe our customers expect the absolute best quality at and we take upon ourselves to satisfy.

The DynaMop® team shall strive to keep our promise, live up to our customers' confidence for a total value product.
Toward this end, we continue to lead in R&D efforts and now for 2016 we have developed the only microfiber mop-head that will effectively pick up human and animal hair from the floor. I have named it "SPIKY" and spiky is a great plus in mopping especially for families with pets.

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Mr. Victor Hou, Founder, CEO DynaMop® Inc.

* Mr. Hou's Footwear Career
From Summer 1988 - Summer 1995, Mr. Hou served as the Managing Director of Meldisco Far East Operations and was stationed in Asia. During those years the company was the largest footwear company of the world. Mr. Hou was in constant contact with both public and private sectors in Asia. He had become well acquaintances of the footwear and related industries.