DynaMop® EXTRA dual function square bucket - Rich Purple

DynaMop® EXTRA dual function square bucket - Rich Purple

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Product Description

DynaMop® EXTRA Model Spin Mop in Square Bucket Rich Purple The DynaMop® Extra Dual Function Spin Mop combines a foot-pedal spinner mop bucket and a built-in self-powered spinner mop handle.

Each Set Contains:

  • Foot Pedal Style PP Bucket with Lifetime Spinning Mechanism.
  • 55" extra long self-powered spinner handle.
  • Extra DynaMop® unique fluffy type Microfiber Mopheads (Total 2)

DynaMop® Extra Dual Function spin mop model is combination of the spinner bucket from DynaMop® Ultimate Model and the built-in spinner self-powered mop handle of DynaMop® EZ model. Each Extra Dual Function mop includes: Spinner Bucket, 55" Self-Powered Handle (2-sections), 2 FLUFFY type microfiber mop heads.

The new DynaMop® Ultimate Model is the first and only spin mop in the world to use no ball bearing to drive the spin basket. The spinning mechanism is the 2012 Silver Medal winner at the Paris International Invention Show [Concours Lepine]. The spinner is a breakthrough technology in the spin mop industry for the invention of the non-abrasive spinning device that replaced the one-way ball bearing. The device successfully passed 250,000 pedal pushes compared to 20,000 pedal pushes when using a one way ball bearing, over 10 times longer lasting in comparison.

The newest DynaMop® EZ model is further honored with Gold Medal in the 2013 Paris Int'l Invention Show & Contest for its Clutch style spinning mechanism used in the Self-Powered handle. This spinning mechanism delivers super high 3000+ rpm centrifugal spin force marked another DynaMop® glorious achievement, it spins faster than a hurricane.


  • The DynaSpin will continue to run until the bucket "kicks the bucket"!
  • Extra long 55" sturdy mop handle with 15 position pivot.
  • Extra wide ergonomically designed foot pedal, made for comfort.