DynaMop ® Machine Washable Fluffy Microfiber Mop Head

DynaMop ® Machine Washable Fluffy Microfiber Mop Head

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Product Description

Due to increased UPS minimum shipping charge increase, ordering one piece is charged excessively. Best way to save is ordering multiple units or order with your purchase of bucket.

The DynaMop® quality Fluffy type patented microfiber mop head, which spreads out to approx. 17" is specially designed to be effective and long-lasting for its ability to be better at both pickup up dirt and then releasing the dirt into the water will spin drying.

When used for the first time (only), there may be some lint present. It is suggested to rinse and spin the mop head 4 to 5 times in the bucket and then change to fresh new water before first use.