DynaMop® EZ-820 55" or EZ-1000 61" Hand-Press Self-Powered Spin Mop Handle-Blue

DynaMop® EZ-820 55" or EZ-1000 61" Hand-Press Self-Powered Spin Mop Handle-Blue

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Get Extra Mop Head, Good with Purchase ONLY:  As a Service to taller customers DynaMop® XXL 61-inch Option: 
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Product Description

Buy two together, get 2nd set at 50% OFF / FREE SHIPPING 1st set $46.95, 2nd set $23.48
(Blue only, the Lavender is currently out of stock)

"SPIKY" head $6.99 with purchase
$15 value DynaMop®"SPIKY" head
with any purchase
(Adding to original package)

The Innovative DynaMop®"SPIKY" microfiber mophead is the
World's ONLY microfiber spin mophead to EFFECTIVELY pick up Hair & Grime!
U.S. patent pending

See the SPIKY

The DynaMop® EZ is a deluxe "hand-press" plunger style spin mop handle. The DynaMop® EZ mop handle does not include a spinner bucket, it is designed to cater the needs of some existing DynaMop® customers who own a DynaMop® spin mop set from previous purchase.

This unit must be used in conjunction with a spinner bucket.

While it is designed to fit perfectly with DynaMop® buckets, it can be used with any brand spin mop on the market that spins counter-clockwise. Should your spinner basket spin in a clockwise direction, the gears must be disengaged for the DynaMop® EZ mop handle unit to operate.

DynaMop® EZ Models

  • DynaMop® EZ820 - Has extra long 55" handle/pole. (Currently out of stock, but substitution EZ822 model available)
  • DynaMop® EZ1000 - Has extra long 61" handle/pole and is great for taller people and those with back conditions, making it easier to mop without having to bend over.

DynaMop® EZ Features

  • High efficiency and effortless plunging action.
  • Spins at speeds up to 3500rpm which creates high centrifugal force to remove water from the mop head.
  • Includes our uniquely designed fluffy type microfiber circular mop head.
  • Convenient 15-position spring locking pivots allow you to adjust the angle of the mop head.