DynaMop ® Microfiber Mop Heads

DynaMop ® Microfiber Mop HeadsCheck out the NEWEST innovative DynaMop®SPIKY microfiber mophead. The world's only spin mop-head to pick up human & animal hair effectively. U.S. Patent Pending

We now offer two types of machine washable microfiber mop heads, the new SPIKY has been added to our line of microfiber mopheads. The fluffy mop head is opened faced and the dirt picked up can be easily release into water to keep clean. The 2017 newly patented SPIKY is specially made to effectively pick up human and animal hair. This invention makes SPIKY the ONLY such microfiber mop-head on the market to be a hair pickers' up. U.S. Patent No. US009,730,569 awarded on August 15, 2017.

New "SPIKY": World's ONLY Hair-Pickup Microfiber Mophead
New "SPIKY": World's ONLY Hair-Pickup Microfiber Mophead
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