52-inch Sturdy Spin Mop Handle (Mophead NOT included)
57" Sturdy Spin Mop Handle for Foot Pedal Units - in bright purple color (1 Fluffy Mop-head Included)
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MOP-HEAD for First Generation DynaMop® ONLY (Beware, carefully read product descriptions below)
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ALL NEW DynaMop®EXTRA Dual Function Models
By Invitation Only - Special 2-Set Package
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DynaMop ® Foot Pedal Style Spin Mop
DynaMop ® Microfiber Mop Heads
DynaMop ® Speciall order 10-piece Fluffy Heads
DynaMop ® Spin Mop Tradtional Microfiber Mop Head
DynaMop® Dual Function Spin Mop Sets
DynaMop® EXTRA Dual Function Spin Mop Silver
Specs same as Lavender set
$89.99 $59.95
Free extra head
$0 Shipping

DynaMop® EXTRA dual function square bucket - Rich Purple
DynaMop® EXTRA dual function square bucket - Rich Purple
DynaMop®【EXTRA】 Dual Function model Hand/Foot Combination

$89.99 $59.95
Free Extra Head
$0 Shipping

DynaMop® EZ-1000 61" Extra length for taller persons Hand-Press Self-Powered Spin Mop Handle-Blue w/2 mopheads
DynaMop® EZ822 Self-Powered Hand Pressing Spin Mop Handle - Blue w/2 mop-heads
DynaMop® Original Factory Accessories
DynaMop® Sturdy Spin Mop Handles
DynaMop®【Plunger】 NEWEST Hand-Pressing Super High Spin [Pedal Free]

$79.99 $56.95 standard set
*Free Shipping*

DynaMop®【Stepper】 Foot Pedal Model
US Patent #8,065,777 B2

$69.98 Now $56.95
*Nett Cost*

dynamop-extra-dual-function-square-purple-bucket--Rich Purple
DynaMop® Dual Function Spin Mop (hand pressing & foot pedaling)
DynaMop®eco-Stepper Model foot pedal round bucket
Inventory SALE [3 mopheads value pack]

DynaMop®EZ822 Plunger Style Self-Powered Handle - Blue
DynaMop®EZ822 Plunger Style Self-Powered Handle - Lavender
Foot and/or Hand Dual Function DynaMop® with 2 fluffy mopheads
For Foot Pedal Units Only
Handle/Pole Connector
Parts $3.99 + $4.50 Shipping = $8.49

For Foot Pedal Units:
Stainless Steel Pedal Return Spring
Parts $2.99 + $4.50 Shipping = $7.49

For Hand Pressing Units:
Handle Body with Tooth-Plates
Parts $5.99 + $4.50 Shipping = $10.49

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